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2nd District/MDA Kick Off

The IAFF 2nd District/MDA Kick Off was recently held at the Lake of the Ozark's in Mid Missouri. Brothers from Omaha Local 385 took the time to rent a boat to take some of our special guests on a boat ride. The event was well attended and continues to be a great success.

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IAFF Briefing on Interoperability and Communications Issues

One of the most important pieces of safety equipment is a functioning, mission-critical-voice portable radio. Effective and reliable two-way voice communications is essential for both overall fire ground operations and for individual fire fighter safety.

Over the past several years, the IAFF has worked diligently on issues ranging from interoperability, to spectrum, to improving the reliability of portable radios. This union has consistently maintained that the most important function in emergency communications is ensuring basic operability on the scene. While the IAFF supports efforts to improve interoperability and data communications, nothing supersedes mission critical voice capability in terms of importance. 

The IAFF's efforts have succeeded in obtaining a large block of spectrum real estate known as "D" Block, which is dedicated for public safety use. However, the passage of this legislation created some negative unintended consequences, the most notable of which is a threat to large cities operating on the T-Band spectrum for voice communication.

A quasi-public entity known as FirstNet was established to manage this new range of “D” Block spectrum and construct an interoperable system for digital (data) communication. Unfortunately, this effort has led to a great deal of confusion about the First Net, the new “D” Block Spectrum and moving public safety from the T-Band to the “D” Block.

It is important that IAFF members understand the advantages, threats and challenges associated with these developments. The IAFF has prepared a Briefing on Interoperability and Communications Issues and FirstNet to provide a primer on overall communications issues. Click here to download this document.

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Hal Bruno Camp for Children of Fallen Firefighters


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